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This daughter board is a very sensitive part. It is easy to fry the digitizer part of this board if connections are made in the wrong order. Complete all other cable connections before connecting battery power. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Badges: Great guide, easy to follow, the only input I would add is that stating which direction the zif connectors open would be helpful for newbies like me :.

Hello i have a problem with a spudger in the daughter board, i crashed one of them will replacing the screen, i need to know how to fix it or the best place to buy a used daughter board. My nexus 7 wifi is charging fine with the existing board, but when I connect it to PC, it doesn't open the USB connection.

How to Install Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 7

Now, do I get the replacement or is this is a software bug? Help Translate iFixit.

Difficulty Moderate. Steps Time Required 20 minutes. Sections 3. Flags 0.

iPad Mini vs Galaxy Tab 2 vs Nexus 7: Tablet Shopping Guide for Newbies, Late Adopters [PHOTOS]

Introduction This guide is for the removal of the daughterboard. Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Step 1 Back Cover. Add a comment.

Android Beginners Guide 1 | Droid Life

Add Comment Cancel. Step 2. For a lot of people, using a comfortable web interface is a nice gateway to getting used to using Google Play. You can even remotely install apps from the internet! There are both free and pay apps — free apps usually come with a catch ads in the app, in-app purchases and what we call Smurfberries — undisclosed in game currency you have to constantly buy to keep playing the game.

The Nexus 7 has the latest Tegra 3 graphics processor and Tegra games will perform fantastic on your tablet. Most apps and games offer a 15 minute refund policy. Not every app offers this, but most do. To consume media like magazines, books, music and film — you will need to use the appropriate Google app after purchase. Simply run that app and your purchased media will appear and can be consumed. When buying magazines, remember that many can be purchased at a reduced rate if you subscribe for a period of time. If you get an Android phone, Google TV or other Google-aware device — all the content you own can exist on any or all of the devices.

This seems obvious — but you will turn on and off certain settings, like turning on and off your wi-fi, choosing an available wi-fi point to connect to, toggle on and off Bluetooth as well as registering a Bluetooth device like headphones or speakers and checking your data usage. One of the best hidden option people ask about is how to turn off wi-fi when the device is asleep. You can also set whether the Nexus notifies you if an open wi-fi spot is available. If you look under Data Usage, Jelly Bean will show you what your data usage has been and what applications are using the data.

Here is where you can control the sound levels and display — plus check out your storage usage, battery level and control applications you have installed. Remember, Android takes up 2. There are options here that allow Google to anonymously track your location. Understand that if you disable these sort of services, it can remove functionality from other services that Google offers.

First Let’s Add a Google Account

Want to lock your tablet and keep out prying eyes? Maybe you want to try out the new Face Unlock option. All this and more is tucked under Security. That will stop your Google cloud-able apps from backing up data. You can also reset your tablet back to factory like you just took it out of the box under this option. Things that sync automatically will fall under one of your accounts.

Many services can use this area like Facebook to control synchronization of various apps.

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If you click into your Google account, you can enable and disable various sync services of Google — Calendar, Drive, Gmail, etc. There are other privacy settings under this area as well. Under About Tablet you can force a check for updates to your tablet. But, widgets are one of the most exciting things about Android. Simply put, widgets are windows into information provided by your apps. Take GMail for example.

The InBox. Weather is a popular widget.

Why go into your weather app when you can have a gorgeous animated Weather widget displaying the weather, the 5 day forecast and more? Almost every app has a widget attached to it — you just need to find them and drag them to one of your home screens. Go into your Apps drawer, then tap the Widget tab.

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Scroll through the widgets, long press one and drop it on your home screen. Spend some time in the widgets drawer.

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  • There are so many great widgets in there — and it is really one of the most powerful things about Android and your Nexus 7. You have a front facing camera on the Nexus 7. Out of the box, you might not find an immediate use for it. Obviously, it is most useful for video chatting similar to Facetime on Apple — but which app can you use to do so?

    Google Talk will allow you to video chat with others on Google Talk with a camera. It is interchangable with the desktop Google Talk program as well. Of course, there are always venerable favorites like Skype. Sometimes, you just want to take a snapshot of yourself. Oddly, there is no camera app already installed. Most people are familiar with Bluetooth devices — like headsets, stereo headphones, wireless speakers and more. But what you may not realize is that there are game controllers that are Bluetooth ready see Wii Controller below. There are also Bluetooth keyboards and mice you can use with your Nexus 7.

    Unlike some Samsung devices, Nexus 7 has a full profile Bluetooth — which means almost any Bluetooth device should work. NFC, on the other hand, is new to a lot of people. It will also allow you to read and write NFC tags — which can automate your common device tasks like launching apps, dialing a number, toggling on GPS, etc.