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Answer: When the switch will receive a signal, it will create a frame out of bits received from that signal.

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In this process, it will access and read the destination address and after that, it will forward the frame to the right port. It is considered as the perfect way for data transmission instead of the distribution of the data on all the ports. Answer: In networking, a window is used for the number of segments that will be sent from the source to destination before sending back an acknowledgment.

Answer: No, a bridge actually works to take the large network and filter it. It will not change the size of the network. Have any query regarding CCNA certification? Answer: In Cisco catalyst , store and forward switching method is used.

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It stores the entire frame to buffers and performs CRC check before deciding on the forwarding or not of the data frame. Answer: BootP is a protocol that is used for the booting of diskless workstations connected to the network.


It is also known as a boot program. It is also used by diskless workstations to determine its own IP address as well as IP address of server system. Answer: The main advantages of LAN switching are given below:.

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The explanations of these terms are given below:. Answer: A static IP address is reserved and it will not change over time. On the other hand, a dynamic IP address will be changed every time when you will connect to the internet. Answer: Transmission is the process to send data from source to destination and communication is the process to send and receive data by using the externally connected data cable. The second layer of the OSI model is the data link layer.

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  • Answer: RIP will depend on the number of hops for determination of the best route to the network. In IGRP, several factors are considered to decide the best route to the network. In all these factors, there will be reliability, bandwidth, hops count, and MTU. Answer: If you want to search for the most important scenario based interview questions CCNA, you should know about this term.

    PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. This address of the device is used as identification of media access control layer in the architecture of the network. It is usually stored in ROM and it is unique for every device. It is also one of the important CCNA interview questions that you may need to face during the interview. Answer: Mainly, 5 types of passwords are used to secure the Cisco router.

    These passwords are given below:. Answer: In one of the common CCNA interview questions and answers , you may find it an important question. The major functions of routers are given below:. Preparing for the CCNA certification exam? Answer: At the present time, the following types of cables are available to use in networking:.

    It is also used to find the adjacent Cisco devices. It can be used to find out port numbers, iOS details, IP addresses, switch models, router models, interface details and device ID. Answer: In half-duplex, the communication will occur only in one direction while the communication will occur in both the directions in full duplex.

    It is one of the important CCNA interview questions that you should know during the preparation for the interview. Answer: Latency is considered the amount of time delay.

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    It can be measured as the time difference between the time when the network will receive data and when it will be sent by another network. Answer: MTU is used for maximum transmission unit. As a professional IT exam study material provider, testkingreal. We provide our customers with the most accurate study material about the exam and the guarantee of pass.

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