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Would like to see a football team. Freshman 19 days ago Overall Experience Report. Unlike a larger 4-year school, the attention of professors is given solely to undergrads. My research opportunities are limitless! I know all of my professors well and they know me. I have worked closely for years with several of my favorite faculty members and making lifelong connections I don't think that I would have had I have gone to a larger school.

I also know all of the students in my program, which is great because I love my peers!

If you want to work closely with your professors and peers as an undergrad, I highly suggest you give Radford your consideration! Also, if you like to party, this is your place. Senior 1 month ago Overall Experience Report. I love Radford!

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Everyone is super friendly and out going. There is always something to do, and the parties are wild: days a week.

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All of your professors care about your education and are great at teaching their subject! Sophomore 2 months ago Overall Experience Report. The professors are welcoming and have no problem helping you when you need it! The campus is beautiful and the walk from class to class is also reasonable. Radford University has a diverse community full of caring and generous people. The student life is amazing! There is always something to do at Radford University whether it be extra curricular activities, sports events, or the parties.

It is easy to find friends or people to relate to. The professors are extremely nice and cooperative with assignments. The professors also lend a helping hand for things that do not involve class work. Senior 2 months ago Overall Experience Report. Radford University offers many opportunities for its students. The campus is beautiful, the teachers are caring, the community is welcoming, and the peers are overall enjoyable to be around. However the cafeteria food could be better. I'm an upcoming sophomore this fall. Radford was quite different for me to say the least.

It was an experience but I'm not sure it was one of my best decisions. However, I'm still here so the school overall is a good place to go academically. The party scene is pretty good as well.

I think the situation here is to each their own and Radford may not have been for me, but I need this degree so ill keep pushing through. Radford is a very supportive community. The professors and staff want to see you do well and are great at helping you achieve your goals.

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There are an endless amount of clubs and activities, so no matter what your interests are, there will be something for you! Junior 3 months ago Overall Experience Report. Radford University Academic programs are slowly progressing, and the diversity rate is growing as well. The support system is good as well. They really shoot for their students to achieve more and above.

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The sky is not the limit there is more to life then what we see through our life span. One thing about Radford is I wish they had more food choices for us to eat from. I believe the gym should be open 24 hours, but other then that I wouldn't choose any other college to be at rather than Radford. Sophomore 3 months ago Overall Experience Report.

The faculty and students are extremely nice making the orientation and tours a very wonderful experience that makes me eager to start school in the fall. Freshman 3 months ago Overall Experience Report. Good college education wise which is why I gave 3 stars. For my personal experience I give 2. I am a Design Management major and am a model and advocate in the fashion industry.

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The Lace Machine. It takes Mr. Felkin more than five hundred pages of his "History of the Machine-Wrought Hosiery and Lace Manufactures" to tell of the marvellous developments from the Rev. William Lee's stocking frame, to the wondrous combination of the great machine as it now stands, and among the multitude of competitors for improvements Radford men figure largely. Capital and Labour. Here we have a living example of the happy combination of capital and labour working for the mutual advantage of all parties. In one of those large buildings there may be a capital employed of thirty thousand pounds, and there may be three hundred workpeople.

The energy the capitalist has put forth in addition to what he inherited, the thought, care, skill, and enterprise in the selection and working of up-to-date machinery; the materials, patterns, finishing of goods, obtaining markets for them, financing and directing all the operations, those three hundred workpeople could not do, and it would take them years to learn.

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They can manage Co-operative Stores, but they could not in the present attainment of ordinary technical instruction do all the operations of taste, design, skill and finance necessary to carry on a manufacturing business, and especially when times are bad, and orders cannot be obtained, and money cannot be got in, and profits are nil—their bank would break.

On the other hand, the machines would be of little value without workers to use them; but when all happily combine, when head, hand, eye, foot and purse act together; when the workpeople do their best by industry, skill, care, and attention, and the employer pays a fair day's wage for a fair day's work, and acts with due consideration, then confidence, security, and continuance are ensured, to the mutual advantage of all parties concerned.

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We must, however, remember that the interests of the employer, and the persons employed, are not the only ones to be considered; there are those who buy and use the articles manufactured, and if the selling price is increased, or the quality for wearing purposes diminished, the purchasers suffer. Permanency and prosperity can be secured by reasonableness as regards wages, profits, qualities, prices, and due consideration for the rights of others. Furthermore, there is foreign competition to be considered, for we are a manufacturing people, making more than we consume, and requiring more food than we grow.

We must export and import, and our prime costs and charges are influenced partly by foreign workers. All this requires a spirit of fairness, of mutual consideration and concession, for in trade a selfish policy is the policy of suicide.