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Sceleratus Sanctus: Dark Ages: Vampire and Mage Online Game by Fenrir's Pack...

Still, Hugo has a LOT to prove before anyone should consider calling it a success. Paramount is clearly hoping to build a strong word-of-mouth foundation which could propel the well-reviewed film in the coming weeks, and a rep for the studio tells me that Paramount plans to add a few hundred locations to its run next weekend before breaking into an extra-wide release on December 9 that is when CinemaScore data will be available. Would that mean that a 75 percent 3-D share is actually disappointing? In limited release, The Descendants proved utterly dominant.

According to Weinstein, audiences were 65 percent female and 50 percent over the age of In very limited debuts, The Artist and A Dangerous Method both posted strong numbers from just four theaters.

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One final note: Interestingly, Tower Heist seems to be enjoying a late surge of popularity. For more box office news.

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Is wearing a Team Edward shirt so much different from donning a vintage X-Men tee? But complaining about its shortcomings as a general-audience film is the equivalent of saying Green Lantern was a terrible horror flick.

Breaking Dawn was made for a certain type of geek just like The Dark Knight was made for a certain type of geek and it succeeds wildly at appealing to their needs. Picking up where Eclipse left off, the film starts with the wedding of Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson and Bella Swan Kristen Stewart — the Carrie Fisher of her franchise down to the commitment to her source material and hair braids. It goes on to the romantic honeymoon where, yes, hot, bed-breaking sex is had, many times.

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Then things get freaky. Bella begins wasting away as the part-vampire being growing in her womb takes over her body, forcing her to drink human blood through a straw to feed her offspring. Once Edward removes the child, Bella is near death, so her vamp husband stabs her in the heart, Pulp Fiction -style, with a syringe full of his venom in order to change her into a vampire and save her life.

Cue the cheesy animations of vampire venom coursing through her veins and into her heart. Chaste vampires and the brides-who-love-them-and-refuse-to-abort-their-life-threatening children? And, writing quality aside, nothing here is any more incomprehensible than the standard storyline in many comic books or any given episode of True Blood. Beyond that, it is an entertaining film, and possibly the best yet in the franchise.

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Awhile back the A. Club made a good point that it probably has a lot to do with the fact that Twilight fans are predominantly women, and thus their passions are viewed differently — an observation that seems spot-on.

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But are those teen vampire fans any different than the hordes who follow any other geek property? If, at its core, being a geek means loving what you love unabashedly, collecting all of its related schwag, attending the related conventions full disclosure: this writer was on a panel at TwiCon in , and sleeping outside before a new film comes out, then Twihards are geeks of the highest caliber.