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Sep 03, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: laugh-out-loud , emotional , arc-netgalley-author. Meredith Walters is one of my favorite authors, the creator of some of my all time favorite stories and characters. I love that she steps outside of the box, she doesn't follow the typical formula. Instead I can always count on her to create unique story lines with authentic, relatable characters - characters that always manage to worm their way into my heart.

Butterfly Dreams is one of those stories.

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It made me feel, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. I loved every minute 4. I loved every minute. Corin spends everyday waiting for the other shoe to drop. Having experienced unexpected loss more than once, she is obsessed with her own with mortality. She knows she will die young, so any ache or pain sends her into a tailspin.

Her current concern is her heart, which leads her to the Mended Hearts support group, where she befriends Beckett, who helps her see things in a whole new light. A heart attack reveals an unknown heart condition, that changes everything for Beckett. I was alive. Corin and Beckett were simply fantastic together. Sarcasm and humor, blended perfectly with lots of heart, Butterfly Dreams was a beautiful, quirky love story, one I won't forget anytime soon. View all 45 comments. Jun 29, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs. Meredith Walters addresses some not too commonly written about issues in her books.

She always delivers unique characters and handles their issues with respect and tact. Butterfly Dreams is no exception, her heroine suffers from Psychosomatic ailments and constant anxiety, while our hero has recently suffered a heart attack. Corin and Beckett meet at The Mended Hearts group.

Beckett is drawn to her and quite intrigued. I found myself watching her. Noticing her.

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Trying to figure her out. She was intriguing without meaning to be.

I felt triumphant when I thought I could understand her. Their fall into love although scary is a ride Corin can't miss. To be honest, I found it a tad slow at times and the events at the end a bit predictable. Still, the two main characters were a perfect fit for one another. View all 50 comments. Sep 16, Dee Montoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , tears-and-more-tears , arc , favorite-author , book-husband , erotica.

Butterfly Dreams will pull on your heartstrings and also put a big smile on your face. Corin Thompson is obsessed with death and illness. After losing both her parents due to terrible illnesses and almost one right after the other, she believes, she too will die soon. Every silly cough, every pain, every sneeze has her convinced she's very sick and constantly visiting the doctor's office. No matter how many tests come back normal, she thinks the doctors are wrong, increasing her anxiety and her fears. Her latest symptoms have Corin convinced that she has a heart condition, so she starts attending a support group for people with heart problems.

There she meets Beckett Kingsley, a young guy who after suffering a heart attack has found himself adjusting to a new life but he's surprisingly very optimistic about it. Beckett used to be a carefree, sports addict, adrenaline junkie kind of guy. After having the stroke, he was completely lost.

He can't do any of the things he used to love. His condition has forced him to change everything about his former self. At first he was furious, depressed, mad at his heart, pretty much mad at the whole world for what happened to him. His friends and family love him but they look at him as if he's going to break at any moment. After feeling depressed for a long time, Beckett has decided to give this new life a try and find a whole new set of possibilities, and in his new future he wants Corin to be a part of it.

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Beckett is completely taken by Corin. For the first time in a long time he feels like someone sees him for who he really is and also understands and shares his pain and fears. The problem is, while Beckett is desperate to live, Corin is pretty much waiting to die.

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These two broken hearts will find a way to mend each other in a beautiful yet very delicate journey that will make you laugh, cry and love, hard Butterfly Dreams delivers a beautiful and powerful message; embrace life's every moment. Don't take anything for granted and if you have love in your heart let it show while you can.

This author is one of my favorites, simply because she always creates the most lovable and relatable characters ever. Her stories always make me feel with such intensity and no matter the theme of the book she always gives me hope. Do yourself a favor and read this beautiful book and remember to enjoy life to the fullest. View all 47 comments. Sep 14, S. West rated it it was amazing Shelves: cry-me-a-river , broken , sweet-n-lovable-guys , feel-good-sweet , laugh-out-loud , arc. Walters knows how to hit you where it counts and drive home a real,poignant message loud and clear!

One literally and the other figuratively but both as life threatening. Corin Thompson is stuck. Marred in grief and fear 4. Marred in grief and fear and resisting to live her life. Beckett Kingsley is a young, vibrant, active man with a sudden and life altering heart condition. Fate, kismet or whatever it was, brings these two together at just the right moment. These two just naturally clicked and were so right for each other. Their connection was natural and a slow build but so real. Walters has this natural knack for creating flawed yet lovely and endearing characters.

Corin made me laugh out loud and also sob. I too could feel the suffocating butterflies. Yet when Beck was around - this light, this force - like Corin, I too could feel those fluttering and giddy butterflies! If you're looking for a special read that explores the fragility of life, power of love and the wonder of hope - this is worth the read! View all 49 comments.

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Jun 28, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , contemporary-duckie , sweet-hero , cheese-puffs , new-adult-express , netgalley-edelweiss , read-to-review , plain-jane-lovin , depressed. Every time I read an A. Meredith Walters book, I know to expect an emotional storyline, extremely flawed and broken characters, and an intense, angsty romance that'll squeeze my heart and give me stomach butterflies.

Though this book didn't stir any powerful emotions from me like Reclaiming the Sand did or get me flipping the pages in a frenzy like a crazy addict like Find You in the Dark did, Butterfly Dreams is still a wonderfully written story about two damaged souls taking a chance o 4 stars!

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  • Though this book didn't stir any powerful emotions from me like Reclaiming the Sand did or get me flipping the pages in a frenzy like a crazy addict like Find You in the Dark did, Butterfly Dreams is still a wonderfully written story about two damaged souls taking a chance on each other and finding love in the process.

    For a book centered around illness, depression, and death, I was pleasantly surprised by how optimistic and uplifting the story was, and I really loved the positive messages the author conveyed through her characters as it's a good reminder to all of us to take the life we have and seize and cherish it. I will say that because all her books revolve around somber topics, it's best to wait until you're in the mood for gloom and doom before diving in. There were some plot twists I found predictable and cheesy which is why this book ended up being just good and not outstanding, but overall it's a solid NA romance I'd recommend!

    View all 30 comments. Oct 19, Dali rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance , tortured-heroine , arc-read , standalone , tortured-hero. Beckett wanting only to live and me… well I had been simply waiting to die. After losing her parents in quick succession at a young age, she has existed the last eight years of her life dominated by her fear of dying.

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    Petrified that any small ache or pain will lead to a life threatening illness. But after a man with a soothing voice and firsthand knowledge of death helps her through a panic attack on an icy sidewalk her life starts to take on a new perspective with whole a lot of hope. So I did the only thing I could do. Learn how to live all over again. Can he help her get over her fears before their time is up? The overall poignancy is laced with charming and snarky humor between Corin and Beck that made me laugh, and swoon worthy moments that made me wish their story would never end.

    His mouth on mine.